If you think printers are bad, baby, you have never tried scanners 😡😡😡


@federicomena On the plus side, lots of scanners magically work over the network now with Linux with no fuss, no setup, no additional drivers — once this one is installed:


People are working on getting this into SANE by default. Meanwhile, just install it and things work like magic.

Prebuilt packages are even on the OBS: download.opensuse.org/reposito

@federicomena If I overlay sane-airscanner on Silverblue (and traditional F32), I can print and scan with my Brother laser printer / scanner combo over the network w/o having to set things up.

We're so close to an "out-of-the-box" "driverless" experience for _many_ printers *and* scanners on Linux. It's only taken a few decades.

@garrett @federicomena

This is great news, really

You have no idea how much I struggled

@garrett @federicomena wow, that is SO COOL!

Have an HP MFP that I've not used for network scanning. Installed, and it just works in Simple Scan.

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