Like the idea of ChromeOS, with its simplicity and self-updating, but want something based on Free Software, made by a community, that respects your pivacy?

I highly recommend Endless OS.

It's friendly to use and easy to install.

It's geared toward kids and families, but anyone can use it.

It even has Flathub available by default, so you have a ton of apps available (if you want them).

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I'm just a fan of it. It's a really nice alternative to ChromeOS and Windows, and good to know about in this time of the pandemic.

My non-techy sister installed it on her son's old laptop (that was previously barely running Windows 10 with a full hard drive) all by herself, which is quite cool.

Now, my nephew loves his computer. It's a lot faster & he can do a bunch of stuff.

(He even installed Minecraft & Zoom via Flathub, so he can play with his friends and do video chats with his school.)

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@garrett I have been quite pleased with the CloudReady Chromium-based version of ChromeOS. My daughter uses browser-bsed applications, so it fits her profile perfectly. And to be honest, most of mine...

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