Mechanical-keyboard-using Masto-folks:

If your keyboard supports swapping out keycaps, consider pulling your spacebar and flipping it around.

Instead of resting your thumb on an edge, it lets you have a smooth experience for your thumbs.

It's a nice, simple improvement. (And if you don't like it, swap it back.)

(Note: If you can't swap keycaps on your keboard, pulling a spacebar off will wreck your keyboard. 😱 So don't do it in that case. 😉)

@garrett only for those with asymmetric keys I suppose :) Got SA keycaps here, my spacebar is symmetric on both axes...

@cwiiis Oh, excellent point! Right!

I still can't really switch even if I wanted to. I'd need to order keycaps and/or a new board... and all the *SA options are sold out and/or ship from China (in a few months, if ever).

@garrett or just take the time to correct your typing positioning and posture ;)

@paperdigits Oh, I have. But I don't always type perfectly, especially when I'm using my keyboard for non-typing things. (Inkscape, darktable, and so on...)

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