The latest heroic effort to make Firefox look more like GNOME's Adwaita is quite nice.

(That's always been the case, but it's an uphill battle, people fizzle out, and someone eventually forks to continue.)

It should be noted: GNOME Web (Epiphany), which this Firefox theme's look is derived from, is also an amazing browser.

Firefox has a big org supporting it, it has extensions, and it's better for dev. But the main privacy extensions most need are built into Epiphany.

@garrett I just contributed to the project out of frustration about how differently gedit and this theme looked side by side, especially when inactive, it should really look really similar now. I was thinking how to improve those "changed title" notifications for pinned tabs Adwaita style though, since it really looks out of place now, I think I saw a mockup of "needs attention" tabs somewhere in design mockups years ago, and now can't find it :c

@garrett Nice!

Thanks for the shootout about GNOME Web, also. We try our best to both provide a widget that applications can use to display web content (with WebKitGTK), that is quite popular (check how many packages list it as a dependency, it's staggering) and also an usable browser (GNOME Web) that blends well with the system and showcases all that WebKitGTK can do (sadly, Web is not so popular).

@garrett Oh, and about privacy, we have Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) coming for the next major releases. The bulk of the implementation is on WebKitGTK so all browsers/applications which use the library will be able to easily enable it using public, documented, stable API.

This is a major difference between monolithic browser projects (like Firefox or Chromium) and anything based upon WebKit: important functionality tends to go into the library for everybody to use.

@aperezdc I saw that in the Tech Preview! Super exciting to see ITP coming soon.

@aperezdc I also noticed the improved Web Inspector — the tiny widgets are now the correct size (and therefore clickable without surprises)!

It's generally fine, except that the light/dark/system themes in the tools don't work. (Not a huge deal, especially since it's for devs. But it'd be nice.)

I'm happy and excited to see all the things the new WebGTK & Epiphany has.

@garrett the styles for dark developer tools are there but we never got round to investigate how to make them toggle for the GTK port. It's the kind of thing that could use a system wide setting instead of trying heuristics looking at the GTK theme names and so on: We had odd issues with CSS media queries and form controls using native widget rendering, which were solved by ditching that and letting WebKit do the painting. Maybe some day we can reliably know when to use dark mode.

@garrett by the way, good guy @cassidyjames has been poking at the whole dark mode story, and @elementary uses Web as default browser, so a big shootout goes to them for the bold move. We try to help out with tweaks in Epiphany when they need them. It has been positive for Epiphany and WebKitGTK, as that has brought some more end user bug reports and some UI polishing 😄

@garrett Oh, and most people don't seem to notice, but a release or two ago we switched usages of “Cantarell, sans-serifto” to use instead “-webkit-system-font” which on GTK maps to what the configured system font is: the web inspector, media controls, Epiphany error pages, and a few things more now look less out of place when the system font is used everywhere 😉

@aperezdc @garrett Not to sound too critical but.. it's not surprising that Gnome Web suffers, because it's got the worse SEO name I could imagine. It can be hard to find things that deal specifically with the browser itself because you're searching with words like "web" which is probably even stripped out of lots of search engines to help search-clueless grandparents find things better. As for GNOME, not all search engines are case sensitive…
The browser's great tho

@cathal @aperezdc Yeah. I mean you can also search for "Epiphany", but you have to be "in the know" for that.

However, searching for "GNOME Web" works pretty well on DuckDuckGo:

And Google too (via StartPage, so it's not filter bubbled):

So it's surprisingly not as bad as we'd guess.

@cathal @aperezdc The fact most distros ship Firefox installed by default, and not GNOME Web (although it's in the repos) probably is the largest contributor.

Technically, they do ship WebGTK and enough of Epiphany / GNOME Web to support web sites installed as applications, but not the little bit on top that makes it a launchable browser UI.

@garrett @aperezdc I wish it had stayed Epiphany, that was a good name. If I search for that now, I fear I'll only get outdated results.

@cathal @garrett the project code name is still Epiphany, so the search results should be pretty much up to date.

If we are going to talk about names for browsers, my favorite ever is Galeon: — coincidentally it's the one from which Epiphany was initially forked.


I really like GNOME Web and WebKitGTK, especially the option to turn webpages into "GNOME Apps". The only reason why I don't use it as my daily browser is the missing WebRTC support which is really crucial to my daily work these days.

@garrett Thanks for sharing!

I've been working on this regularly since 2018, and I have no plans to give up until the project is not technically feasible. So no worry 😂😅 .

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