TIL that the reason those "lo-fi beats" channels on YouTube always have anime characters is because that's the music from the Adult Swim bumpers, so a generation of Americans associate the two things switchedonpop.com/episodes/why

As a millennial I'm old enough to have had zero idea what "lo-fi" is or why a bunch of highschool/college kids would be studying to it, but I am young enough to remember those Adult Swim bumpers from the late 90s / early 2000s.

Also I find it infinitely bizarre that because of Cartoon Network, there is now an indelible link between Japanese cartoons and a subgenre of hip-hop. Culture is wild.

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@nolan Xennial here, and I love lo-fi for work, replacement videogame background music, and in general. It spans generations.

(I never knew the background story on it. Thanks for the link!)

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