So my "20 minute" LGM talk video is now close to 30 minutes long, and I still need to record 12 more sldies ūüė¨


@tbernard Make an LGM "theatrical release" and share a "director's cut" / "extended edition" later?

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@tbernard BTW, the talk looks like it'll be great, with that much effort put into it!

@garrett We'll see, it's all very ad-hoc and last minute.

The audio is definitely going to be terrible because the best mic I have is my phone, and I know nothing about audio :D

@tbernard There are things you can do to make the audio less horrible.

Try to have a silent room when recording. Don't clip it by being too loud. Normalize it. Trim the all the "um" and "ah". Etc.

And phones often have better audio than a laptop microphone, at least.

Do you have a webcam? Those often have built in microphones too and they're sometimes pretty OK as well. (You'd want to test and compare between that and the phone, using headphones for listening, probably.)

@tbernard (I've worked on several videos for Cockpit for work, using Kdenlive. Hence all that.)

@garrett They told me it's ok to go a little longer as long as I don't go over 40min. I'm still hoping I can keep it below that :P

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