Spent about 10 minutes in the Mastodon “Federated” tab. Followed some folks who looked interesting. My timeline is about to get a lot more active, hopefully!

@cassidyjames It's nice. I've chatted with and followed some people after searching some hashtags and it's been rewarding.

@cassidyjames On Twitter, I have made it a point to especially try to follow people who are not-abled-white-men* to diversify my timeline. It was already a little diversified, but has been getting moreso. And it's rewarding. I've read and thought about things that I wouldn't have seen otherwise.

(I still follow people I know who may happen to be abled white men too, if I actually know them.)

Having a diverse feed also helps when thinking about UX issues too, as a bonus.


@cassidyjames On the fediverse, it *feels* more diverse and more aware of others' needs. Perhaps simply having CWs (content warnings), the ability to mark things as NSFW, and accessibility text turned on by default for images (unlike Twitter, where it's opt-in) helps.

I'm not sure if the baked-in diverse backgrounds and courtesy of the fediverse is the features, the people who adopted Mastodon and other fediverse software, and/or me being more aware of who I'm adding here.

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