Beyond update (version 2.0) officially launches tomorrow, but there's a rumor it'll be available to download tonight, in about 1.5 hours from now.

(I can't wait to explore other planets in VR. How cool will that be?)

@garrett I worry about locomotion. Walking is an unresolved problem in VR games.

@garrett most games use a teleportation-based mechanism. Vehicles are fine, as long as you can see your own legs as stationary. But *walking* in VR causes serious motion sickness.

@directhex You can teleport or use free walking when exploring a planet. The ships probably move around, but you're in a cockpit, so it should automatically help with motion sickness.

(Meanwhile, I run around with full locomotion in Skyrim and Borderlands 2 on the PSVR just fine and don't really like teleportation. It's probably a bit ironic because I bump into things and get super dizzy in real life. Or perhaps it's *because* I'm so used to that.)

@directhex I wonder if they have a teleport mode for the ships. That could/would be hilarious.

@garrett ships should be fine. I don't get sick playing Wipeout

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