@claudiom My 6T arrived this morning... and I had a little bit of time setting it up and playing around... and _wow_. It's better than my 6P at literally everything but the camera and audio (both of these aren't bad; audio is mono though).

It's so fast, it feels better to hold (it's even a little smaller), and the stock ROM has a bunch of nice little touches.

Fingerprint is already at least as fast as on the 6P and sometimes a touch faster. It's supposed to learn & improve with time as well.


@claudiom Anyway, if you want to know anything that the reviewers haven't covered yet, feel free to ask.

Dongle quality seems fine, at least with earbuds. I need to test my Sennheisers later.

Bluetooth audio sharing to my work computer is flawless so far. (6P would skip even across my desk.)

I just checked and Bluetooth music works without a problem across the apartment, with several walls and a door closed. It's like magic (at least compared to an old, awful Bluetooth implementation).

@garrett Very, very nice! I also saw that it comes with some sort of basic protector case/cover? If so, I might wait before I order a case for it. Definitely looking to get the insurance as well. What do you think?

@claudiom Yeah, it has a plastic screen protector that isn't so bad (but I'll probably remove it in the next few days, as I generally don't like or use screen protectors) and a smoky transparent case.

I was thinking of ordering a separate case, but I actually like this one. The sides are nice but the back feels a little plasticy. (Not so bad though, thankfully.)

Definitely wait on ordering another case. See see how you like the free one.

I may even use it without a case, but perhaps not. 😉

@claudiom Nope; I didn't even see insurance as an option. I guess it was there, but I ignored it if so.

@garrett Hm, thinking of getting it anyway even if it does jack up the cost.

@claudiom Oh! Right! This is something not covered elsewhere (at least what I've seen):

The dongle doesn't work on my Nexus 6P, so I suppose this means that there's a DAC in the phone, not the dongle.

This should mean that the OnePlus 6T should be able to use any dongle and have it work, DAC or not. Meaning: any super-cheap non-DAC dongle should be good as a backup or replacement. (Although it wouldn't be orangered like this one.)

@garrett So, which version did you get? Matte or Mirror?

@claudiom Mirror is a fingerprint magnet. Scratches would be more obvious on it too. Not that it matters, as glass backed phones are usually in cases, right? 😁

I got the 256 gig matte. My girlfriend got the 128 gig matte. We may have a problem telling our phones apart. Oops. 🤔

(FWIW: Both of our phones have been dying with lots of hardware issues & we were hoping they'd last long enough. Just barely. We ran into issues while transferring data over. But everything's a success. Barely.)

@garrett Yeah, the 256 GB I'd love but it's over my budget, so the 8 GB + 128 GB will have to do. Going with the matte as well. Again, thanks for all the info. 👍

@claudiom Yeah, happy to chat with you on Mastodon. 👍

So, yes, I just went overboard. I *probably* won't come close to filling it up. I just wanted to be able to use my phone for shooting pictures in RAW, perhaps record video. And just not have to worry.

(Previous phone was 64 gig, which I did accidentally fill up, but quickly found stuff to remove to make it half empty again.)

@garrett Heh, likewise. 😁

Well, consider me with my Nexus 4 and all of 16 GB. 128 GB will be a major upgrade lol. 🤣

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