Latest round of mostly looks like this:

"___ is not doing Allah is doing"

But it includes this gem:

"filesystem does not write without permission of allah"

then a co-worker jests:

"selinux is not doing. Allah is doing."

Yes, this is an actual screenshot of our IRC channel. It normally has technical discussions, but those don't work so well in the . :trash:

@garrett we've set /mode +q $~a for #thefireman, which allows anyone to join but must be authed to Freenode to speak. Coupled with a topic message about the situation and link to the Freenode registration FAQ, we seem to be coping. Sad that we have to though...

@garrett I thought #freenode was using more rigorous spam bot checks lately? 🤔

@ryan659 I wish. If they are, it's not working in a few channels I'm in at least. 😢

@garrett Report it to the IRCops and see if they can help. They've been basically banning bots on sight lately.

@popey Setting a channel to register only is problematic for a community channel. But we did it.

Also the bots auto-register, so it doesn't even work. 😒

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