@directhex: FWIW: It's usually frowned upon to crosspost from "birdsite" (Twitter) to Mastodon, especially retweeting... especially political stuff (which is almost always hidden with a "CW" (content warning) here). 😉

@garrett which sounds like an inevitable way to end up with a 4-user timeline of FOSS nerds, ie again

@directhex Which part? The non-political part? or the non-crossposting of retweets part?

@garrett @directhex

If you are self-censoring political opinions by putting a cw on them, you are doing it wrong.

Specifically you are taking the free marketplace of ideas out of the public square where everyone can hear opinions different than their own or even what they want to hear.

@hhardy01 @directhex Most people on here like having a place without a ton of politics, as we usually also have Twitter accounts and this is a bit of a refuge where we can actually talk about other things (instead of having it drowned out by politics).

@hhardy01 @directhex But people have their own accounts and can do what they want. There's no hard rule. It's just a convention held by a lot of people here (but not everyone). So nothing's stopping you from posting 24-7 about political things.

@hhardy01 @directhex ...And I'm one for posting & retweeting politics all the time on Twitter. It's important, and important to me too. I'm not self-censoring here, I (and others) just like having a cozy place to relax and talk about other stuff usually.

But it's still flexible and people can post what they want. Perhaps I'm just following a subset of people who are like this. Perhaps there are a lot more politics share un-CW-'d across the Mastodon/Fediverse. 🤔

@garrett @directhex

Ever wonder what "good Germans" were doing while children of ethnic minorities were denied citizenship rights, taken from their parents, and put into concentration camps?

While the country's leaders subverted the rule of law and substituted a personality cult around a crude would-be dictator?

While fascist thugs beat and even killed anti-fascist demonstrators in the streets while police stood by or attacked the anti-fascists themselves?

You're doing it now.

@hhardy01 I'm not doing that now. Dude, you must not follow me on Twitter. I talk about and retweet politics *all the time* there. @directhex knows.

I'm not self-censoring here either, I just enjoy the silly atmosphere and the escape from 99% politics & crappy news all the time that Twitter turned into.

Not everything has to be bad news and politics all the time.

Also: I know my history, live in Germany, and am an American who speaks up loudly against the bad stuff going on in the 'States.

@hhardy01 (I think we probably agree way more than you think we disagree. 😉 No hard feelings or anything.)

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