I've had USB-C devices of one sort or another for almost 3 years now. I've purchased cables and batteries and chargers.

I had a couple cables go out. So I decided to buy replacements.

They arrived today... and they're USB-A to C, not C to C.

Why does buying USB-C stuff _still_ have to be so difficult?

Here's a screenshot comparing cables. Which are USB-C to C?

(Answer: These basically the same cables, from the same manufacturer… but in different colors. And USB-C is actually USB 3.0 too.)

@garrett not necessarily, it can be USB 2.0 or Thunderbolt (which is backwards compatible with 3.1g2 or lower).

USB-C only defines the connector, not what it is capable of.

@garrett Both my laptop and phone are USB-C now. I just purchased microUSB->USB-C adapters from eBay for my existing cables. 3 for $1 :)

@sesivany Same. I have a bunch of USB-A to C cables already that I'm using with "legacy" USB adapters for medium-speed charging. (It's slow, but not as slow as over a laptop's USB port.)

So, for me: My phone, personal laptop, Nintendo Switch, and girlfriend's phone are all USB-C.

The laptop needs PD (USB-C power delivery) to charge, but the others will charge even at slow speeds.

We also have 3 USB-C batteries for fuel on the go. (One of them has a loose port, so I got an even smaller one.)

@sesivany Be careful with the microUSB → USB-C adapters. I bought some a while back, but they're non-compliant (so I haven't used them). Be sure they're OK before relying on them.

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