spent a fair bit of my outside bass time trying to get a decent take of this unusual part that I kind of co-wrote with my brother — and this is.. close enough

you don't really see a lot of bass videos recorded sitting outside on a bench do you why is that

it's almost like I am not a professional

tryna get this up to 160bpm cos it sounds completely off the wall then

and then I wanna play it dancing around wearing a horse mask

there was a japanese youtuber bassist that used to do that and it was amazing but his videos are all gone now :(

that's who I want to be my biggest inspiration we can all dream

@fry slick! there's a riff in the middle there that brought me right back to the mid-90s. Reminded me of Green Day - Longview

@thurloat thanks! cor that takes me back—I've had to listen to it now, probably my fave green day track actually. I forget that I actually liked them in 'dookie' era

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