trying to find more bass players on mastodon, hashtag should be imo

@Gargron cool! How long have you been playing? Do you perform/have stuff out there or just hobbying?

@fry I think... a year. Hobby level. I've learned a number of songs but haven't had time to record even a single complete cover (because then I also need to do the guitar, drums and vocals)

@Gargron ha, yeah, it's not the easiest thing to play alone - I initially picked up bass thinking I wanted an instrument I could play and sing at the same time for solo performance... that's 13 years ago and I can still barely sing at all while playing.

@Gargron Solo stuff can be fun though. Good instrument for looping. Tapping can be very satisfying too and is easier than it seems.

@Gargron what kind of covers do you enjoy playing?

@fry not a bassist but this interview with Vanessa Veselka is so entertaining. Her band toured with The Ramones. She has some stories.

Or if podcasts aren't for you, just look her up.

@kai thanks - podcasts definitely are my thing, I'll absolutely give it a listen when I get the time

@fry I'm technically a bass player, but I'm also a full time software developer and a parent, so it hasn't been much playing since I left my band 3 years ago.
I don't think there's any of our music online though - we mostly played live, and never had an actual release.

that's cool, you still count. I feel you on the parenting, I turned into a dad in September and haven't been playing much. Just started up again and trying to just find time to practice at least a little each day.

I think I did most of my proper learning and improving many years ago and then just plateaued. Want to try and get back to standard and then beyond. I figure if I talk about bass enough and post my efforts it might help spur me on.

@fry Congratulations on the dadness!

Well, you certainly woke my desire to play bass again, just by mentioning it.

@zatnosk yassss, that is what the movement is all about

ever since I fired off that first toot about looking for bass players (feels like only yesterday) I thought if this inspires just one person to get low down funky nasty then *job done*

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