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step 1: identify target users
step 2: restring bass
step 3: initial user interviews and tuning
step 4: wireframing and arpeggios

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yeah I mean I guess I do need one but I'm so pissed off about the whole thing, dealing with 'congratulations on your new iphone' bs and switching phones twice is such a ballache

until I get my phone situation sorted should I use

damn ok yeah I don't think I like any of the options particularly let's see how much this repair is

how are so many phones shipping with 64gb internal storage non-expandable in 2019

and yeah I'm looking at flagships because I think it's always better value in the long run to get the newest/best so I can keep it as long as possible

I think that leaves me with samsung s10 or LG G8

gosh am I really looking at a samsung

I'm a bit concerned about going Huawei P30 after the whole everyone-cutting-them-out thing

android phone recommendations? I want a headphone jack, decent camera, and reasonable/upgradable internal storage... and ideally not as big as the now broken oneplus 5T

so either I pay for it to get repaired which I assume is going to be at least £100, or I get a new phone

it was a couple of years old

oh and apparently my insurance didn't renew this is a great start to the day

I dropped my phone and it broke the screen but the kicker is it landed on the volume rocker which is smashed in and stuck on volume down which put it into recovery mode when I had to restart it and now won't even let me turn the phone on yayyyyyyyyy

👆 baby's first toot. anyone knows what this means hit me up

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