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there's now 17 tracks in my dubiously titled 'best of' playlist, with large variations in style and play counts ranging from 1 to 1036:

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step 1: identify target users
step 2: restring bass
step 3: initial user interviews and tuning
step 4: wireframing and arpeggios

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kinda wish I had something to write about now so that I could actually use this article format I've designed:

say some stupid cms thing wouldn't let me use href="../page" and insisted I use "" — but I don't want to because then I will have to use the staging domain for all testing and switch all links to the production domain later... is there anyway I can use "http://" format AND go up a directory without stupid actual domain getting involved??

I don't fish for compliments, because I know if I did I wouldn't be as good at it as my peers

I really provide a premium jamming experience these days

organise and book everything, set the PA up quick as a flash, have a satisfying level of quality to my room recordings, cut into individual tracks, given amusing song names, and uploaded to private soundcloud for commenting

no fucking about any more kids

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had a jam yesterday with some people from my coworking that was fun it went kinda post-rock mostly but quite a lot of moods in there and we gelled well on dynamics

it's too easy for me to learn whatever knowledge and be good at skill stuff, not challenging enough so instead I *choose* to learn nothing and be bad at everything that's real power

jacob collier really takes 'annoyingly talented' to the extreme

do you know if anyone has ever made any *good* porn?

> have you listened to X yet?
- no haven't had a chance ye..
> it's bad
- o...k I'm gonna listen to it mys..
> it's really not good, better than Y but Y was awful
- I quite like Y
> you don't, you're wrong, you hate it because it's categorically bad
- isn't the experience of music subje..

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a manual for a penis is called cockumentation

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