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I don't have much money atm but I am also not feeling great so I treated myself despite not really being able to afford it and this happened can I call it karma?

it's a chain so I don't feel compelled to correct this... I guess free lunch?

huh so I just saw that my payment for lunch didn't actually go through but I sat in the place to eat so they obviously didn't notice either

had to post that because it was sitting in my notes but I don't remember writing it and thems the rules

No one wants to take the blame for what we’ve achieved so far.

learning to play someone else's song for the first time in ages just cos I feel like it's a crime for me not to know the dean town bass line

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i just remembered a festival i went to in ireland as a child, the main attraction of which is a live goat on a really tall platform and you look at the goat and go "wow that goat's really high up"

i had to google it to make sure it wasn't something from a father ted episode but it's real - it's called puck fair, they crown a goat "king puck" and keep him up there for THREE DAYS

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The stereotype is that autistic people don't like physical affection but all of my autistic friends really like hugging me. I'm sure there's also some that dislike it as well due to sensory issues or something. I was wondering what the real proportions are :)

lol at still being associated with the google search console for an old web project where they took on a new agency who did a much worse job and seeing it throw all kinds of usability errors

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This site is here for #art right? I'm a #music producer and I´m looking for connections with another #musicians for beautiful collaborations, can anyone help we?

one of my interests is 'video games' is there a section of the internet for that where other people are also?

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me: working from home gives me the opportunity to focus on tasks free from the the distractions of a noisy office!









me: cool never mind

ah right I can squeeze through never mind

err so I'm playing untitled goose game but I think I broke the gardener

what if we're both locked out the garden with the keys inside

there's nowhere else to go

although someone in front of me nearly jumped out their skin when I started up

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