I've lived a sheltered life I know but dudes kissing at a urinal is a new experience for me

Not sure I deserve to live in a world that allows a Courtney Barnett Kurt Vile duet but I like it

There's Americans on the train here. Very tempted to ask them if they know how the golf is going

This is a euphemism, right? The French are filthy beggars

It's an absolute fucking fact that I no longer have any ability to spell any multiple-syllable word which might contain doubled consonants. Not a fucking clue at all

Well now. Look, _Too Like the Lightning_ is a hell of a trip. Just three more of these books to read before I know what the hupp is going on, and I suspect I will enjoy it

Man U away in Switzerland tonight, so time for an old favourite:

Come on Young Boys!

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it is birthday my dudes. can i get some BOOOOOOOOOSTS

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If they're tiddlywinks then where do you get full size ones?

The main thing that would stop me throwing a halfbrick at R-M is pausing to tie some string around it so I could haul it back and hoy it at him again

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Rees-Mogg doesn't like being called a bad man in front of his kids?

Easy choices: stop being a cunt or never appear in public with his children.

It's not like he doesn't have enough houses to hide them in.

Christ alive these utter utter cunts right here

Fucking hell


Frankly, in a no deal scenario, I believe the living would envy those crushed by falling space debris

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