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st ein Laden, in dem man Steckdosen kaufen kann ein Outlet Store?

Note to self: Going back to my PC after putting a pizza on the grill is STILL a bad idea.

My smartwatch broke and it's out of warranty...

Now I have to contemplate whether I should buy a new one (I probably will, because I'm already missing it after 2 days.)

More images of broken household electronics. This time: The controller of by dishwasher...

It's a one-sided single layer PCB with lots of small bridges, 0 Ohm resistors used as bridges and a few big bridges.

Can anyone who's better at electronics than me tell me how this thing powers it's microcontroller? There doesn't seem to be a transformer.
Can you really get 230V AC to 3.3V DC with just resistors and diodes or am I missing something here?

TIL: My Software engineering professor developed one of the first version control systems (The first to use backward deltas)

Bought a cheap wifi controlled power outlet switch in a local supermarket.
Every time you want to turn it on/off the app contacts a server in the US, which then proceeds to contact the switch...

Trying to RE it, but it uses https and ssl strip doesn't work. I could still try to brute force the password for the webinterface.

Pro-tip: A gas grill doesn't get hot enough to desolder BGA parts...

Or at least mine doesn't.

Turns out my motorcycling jacket isn't waterproof...

Time to buy a new phone!

@cpsdqs Do you know any good js animation libraries?
I need to create custom animations, that can't be full done in css (They need values only known at runtime).
Setting and unsetting css transitions with javascript isn't very readable...
I tried anime.js, which is almost perfect, but doesn't support transitions from pixel values to percentages.

Writing a new backend for my website. Django is pretty cool.

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