@piggo Nextcloud better than owncloud (It's a fork created when owncloud decided that they are going to have a closed source enterprise version).

(It also for some reason has the "social" plugin (beta), which turns it into a fediverse instance)

I recently revived an old minecraft experiment I created 4 years ago:
The OneSlotServer:
Only one person can play at a time.
The next person gets inventory, position, health, ... from the previous person and continues playing.

Only rule is no cheats (flyhack, xray, ...)

Join at oneslotserver.fun
Version is 1.13.2

To prevent people from blocking the server by AFKing playtime is limited to 30 minutes per 12 hours.

@cpsdqs Haven't checked yet. Probably.
Python does it too.

The whole point of finally is that it always runs, no matter what happens in the try and catch blocks.

@cpsdqs Why is the icon blurry?

Also no gaps between columns :(

@cpsdqs I'm just happy that they have a confirmation dialog at all now ^^

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