My fountain pen collection is growing...
I think I might have a problem 😶

Helped organize a Rubik's Cube competition this weekend.

We also created some mosaics, while we weren't competing:

1224 and 1271 cubes respectively.

"User information

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Your Username must be a valid email address"

Thanks unitymedia... Why is it called a username then 🙄

Hot air stations aren't just great for (de)soldering, but also for making toasted marshmallows.

More images of broken household electronics. This time: The controller of by dishwasher...

It's a one-sided single layer PCB with lots of small bridges, 0 Ohm resistors used as bridges and a few big bridges.

Can anyone who's better at electronics than me tell me how this thing powers it's microcontroller? There doesn't seem to be a transformer.
Can you really get 230V AC to 3.3V DC with just resistors and diodes or am I missing something here?

My clothes dryer broke a few days ago. I decided to open it up to see if I could repair it.
There was a circuit diagram of the whole dryer hidden inside.

It's now working again.
Public repair instructions/documentation should be standard for all (electronic) devices.

Progress report: Successfully connected the ALU to the data bus and added a data register to the storage.

Now we just need a few more registers and most importantly the controller.

Who would have thought that the hardest thing about building a computer in minecraft would be cable management...

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