Last exam for this semester is finally over.

Now 2.5 weeks of free-time, until the next semester starts...

@cpsdqs Just have do decide on which of all those projects I'll never finish I want to make a bit of progress next.

@cpsdqs Yes, but that's inversely proportional to how much I want to have the finished result.

Finishing my website: Not very fun. Should have been finished years ago.

Expanding my Skewb first layer solver into a whole Rubik's cube simulation library and maybe porting it from python to rust: Fun, but not useful. Will use the library for one or two things, then forget about it.

@cpsdqs Not when working on a project started years ago, doing things web was never designed for...

@freundTech your website looks pretty normal to me apart from the glitches

@cpsdqs The opening of the cards when you click on them is a giant hack.

@freundTech idk how you did it but surely it’s not much different than something like having a div with two children for each side and then using transform to animate it

@cpsdqs Except animating it changes it's size, pushing around all the other stuff on the page.
Instead I have to turn it invisible and replace it with an absolute positioned div, copy all the content over and then animate that one. The content of the page is loaded by ajax, while it's animating.
I also have to disable horizontal and enable vertical scrolling and other stuff.

Also try opening a page, then reloading, then closing it. I spend a lot of time getting that to work correctly.

@freundTech huh what transform never touches layout; that’s why it’s so fast. but wow you got push/popstate stuff to work correctly

@cpsdqs Only transform doesn't change the layout, but I'm only using transform for the rotation. The scaling is done by animating width and height to 100%.

@freundTech oh. well the pure-transform way would be to set the content div's size to the screen size and scale it down using transform to fit behind the card, and then compute the necessary scale/translation for the card to fit the screen and then animating using transition: transform 1s; or something

@cpsdqs I might look into that, but it sounds like a lot of work for a problem I already solved...

Currently I'm animating width, height, left, top and transform.

@freundTech oh, hm
I'm gonna wager that only animating transform will get you 60fps on a phone

@cpsdqs Would probably also fix the issue with text wrapping on the content changing during the animation, as the div is getting bigger...

@freundTech I think this wonderfully illustrates how weird web dev has become

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