Github showing me jobs ads for blockchain development in Stuttgart...

No thanks!

(Who wants to work in Stuttgart anyways /s)

For anyone looking for a fun coding game:
Was shown this at university for practising parallel programming:

You are the scheduler and your goal is to break the multi-threaded programs.

Why is getting a Java EE environment to work so hard?

Help. I think I fell in love with qutebrowser.

Vim keybindings are taking over my life

Also a throwback to when birdsite still allowed you to set the background image on your profile.

Looks like Nextcloud now supports activitypub. You just have to enable the plugin and your instance is working!

You're going to miss Google Plus? How about joining the with and many others! Even now has an app that lets you join, follow and share with others. We're just getting started but you can get involved now!

Helped organize a Rubik's Cube competition this weekend.

We also created some mosaics, while we weren't competing:

1224 and 1271 cubes respectively.

"User information

Please enter a username

Your Username must be a valid email address"

Thanks unitymedia... Why is it called a username then 🙄

Got Wifi at home again 👍
Had to live on mobile data for 5 days, while switching from my prior flatmates internet plan to my own.

Writing a compiler is fun. Finally got name and type resolution to work.

Last exam for this semester is finally over.

Now 2.5 weeks of free-time, until the next semester starts...

Hot air stations aren't just great for (de)soldering, but also for making toasted marshmallows.

Twitter's "In case you missed it" is getting more and more annoying.
I replied to that tweet yesterday. No I didn't miss it Twitter!

Why does aliexpress request permission to play DRM content on it's login page...?

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