Update: Not very practical. Ended up actually using my laptop...
Maybe it would work better with an Ethernet adapter.

In case you were wondering wether I'm really just using ssh X-forwarding to access eclipse on my laptop from my desktop PC, while my laptop is right next to me:

The answer is yes.

In the ideal technolibertarian world, being unable to start your car in an emergency is just normal.

I recently revived an old minecraft experiment I created 4 years ago:
The OneSlotServer:
Only one person can play at a time.
The next person gets inventory, position, health, ... from the previous person and continues playing.

Only rule is no cheats (flyhack, xray, ...)

Join at oneslotserver.fun
Version is 1.13.2

To prevent people from blocking the server by AFKing playtime is limited to 30 minutes per 12 hours.

Started writing a compiler half a year ago, then put it on pause when the next semester started.

Just started porting what I have so far from python + lark to kotlin + antlr. Lexer and parser work in kotlin now.

Was indoor climbing two days ago.

Was fun. Should do that more often.

(Also hands still hurt...)

Survived the Operating Systems exam.
Now almost 3 weeks time until the Theoretical CS exam.

Also love the terms for hierarchical page tables:

From lowest to highest level:
Page Table Entry (PTE)
Page Directory (PD)
Page Directory Pointer Table (PDPT)
Page map level 4 (PML4)
(soon) Page map level 5 (PML5)

It's so consistent /s

Phone repaired!

Also did a small mod, because I had the phone opened up anyways ;)

(Was at 65% when I noticed that it wasn't charging, but I used up most of that for backing up my data to the SD-Card in case I can't repair it.)

Charging port on my phone broke...
Let's see if 28% can last 1-2 Days (until the replacement part arrives)

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