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"[...] the american dream, [...] you have to be asleep to believe it" <3

je me faisais insulter en primaire parce que mes parents sont gays, des gosses venaient me chuchoter à l’oreille « ton père suce des bites » alors non parler d’homosexualité, de transidentité et de droit LGBTQ+ en primaire/collège c’est pas trop tôt

" Copilot is an AI trained on billions of lines of code written by millions of developers all over the world that can predict what developers want to type next"

#technologie: On a des QRCodes partout, mais déjà dans les années 1990 Sony et Dolby codaient l'audio sur le bord des pellicules de films de la même manière. Étonnant !

#2594 Consensus Time 

Now, you may argue that the varying hour lengths and feedback effects would cause chaos. To which I say, yeah, and I'm also curious to see how the weekday cycle interacts with it! So, you in?

Boss, what if it explodes? Don't worry, we have another one

I couldn't sleep so I finally made this "Right-Click Borescope" idea I've had in my head for a while. Lets you right click on a spot on a webpage and get a list of all images at that point


Finally! Now GDExtension is complete! This addition allows binding any script language (Like Python, Javascript, etc) or even creating a new language, all via downloadable Godot extension.

It even includes internal IDE (editor, completion) integration.


I wrote about games, Bitsy, preservation, and recommended a bunch of wonderful creators with beautiful work to follow...
"Itchio creators you need to follow & some of their beautiful work"

"All work… unfinished projects, prototypes, gamejam submissions, personal essays, zines, to larger projects… create this wonderful thriving landscape that I hope we will not forget. At the very least we should appreciate it while it’s still here!"

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