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Figures du communisme, le dernier livre de frédéric .
le livre:
Le livre semble être moins théorique et plus axé sur l'action. Je ne l'ai pas encore lu.

just discover that duckduckgo automatically switch to "Answer" when you search for "what is my user agent". Cool!

a depressing video about covid & nuclear war based on an interview with Noam Chomsky 

an interview with Noam Chomsky about the state of the world in june 2020: yeeaaaah... footages and music are just wrong, i know


#barcodeboarding #北九州未来創造芸術祭


Indigenous Australian claiming posession of England 

TIL that on January 26 1988*, an indigenous Australian, Burnum Burnum, planted the indigenous Australian flag :flag_aboriginal_australian: on the beaches under the white cliffs of Dover, claiming possession of England on behalf of Indigenous Australians.

He made what is known as the Burnum Burnum Declaration, which included:

*In claiming this colonial outpost, we wish no harm to you natives, but assure you that we are here to bring you good manners, refinement and an opportunity to make a Koopartoo – “a fresh start.”

*Henceforth, an Aboriginal face shall appear on your coins and stamps to signify our sovereignty over this domain.

*Based on our 50,000 year heritage, we acknowledge the need to preserve the Caucasian race as of interest to antiquity, although we may be inclined to conduct experiments by measuring the size of your skulls for levels of intelligence. We pledge not to sterilize your women, not to separate your children from their families.

Picture and more info:

*200 years after the first fleet arrived in Sydney habour. 26th January is #InvasionDay (aka Australia Day)

#IndigenousAustralianHistory #AustralianHistory #IndigenousAustralians

Predestination (2014), a cool mindfuck movie even of it's a bit predictable and too slow to keep the level of "wow" at the maximum along the 1:30h.

it took me one week to figure it out, but i'm now able to animate an avatar n every direction with a set of baked animations using

visualisation of the interpolation to be done in the animation shader i'm building: depending on the speed and the orientation of the motion compared to the forward vector of the avatar, different animations must be interpolated. The color represent ID's.
Maybe it's not super clear without motion...

It's a weird time for operating systems. Correct me if I'm wrong on something, or missed something:
- Windows can run Android apps
- Windows can run Linux apps
- Linux can run Windows apps
- Linux can run Android apps
- Linux can run MacOS apps (CLI only)
- Android can run Linux
- MacOS can run Windows apps

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