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just finished a gdscript that generates "flat" noises based on prime numbers.
By flat i mean that all values are appearing once in the texture when using float, or an even number of times when using 8bit.
The script is not perfect, due to the lack of long & double in gdscript...

if(pget(x,y)==0and x%2<1)pset(x,y-1,0)
if(pget(x,y)==0and y%2<1)pset(x+1,y,0)
if(pget(x,y)==7and x%2>1)pset(x,y+1,7)
for i=0,1 do
goto 🖌
--#tweetcart #pixelart #pico8

Belarusian secret police organized a fake bombing to hijack Ryanair plane Athens - Vilnius to capture one of the former Nexta telegram channel editors. He is now arrested in #Minsk. #Belarus WTF?!

Both iOS and Desktop are nearing the major 1.20 "Delta Chat becomes a full-blown e-mail app" milestone ... curling it up-hill issue by issue like good old Sisyphos -- which you may imagine as a happy person ;)

A bit of p*rn, just to show how flexible splittable panels can be.
Next step: implement draggable borders, to resize areas

first study for a style for a fork of : all panels are over the 3d view, each one can be reassigned to a different type of display

Hiii #VFXFriday!

Here's another demo for godot-shaders, which shows how UVs can be used to obtain different flow effects.
Grab it here on
@gdquest 's repository!


woups, i forgot to push the last commits on pozzo...

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cross compilation for windows works, not tested on osx, but soon
gosc is part of pozzo >

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After persevering through some 100 "e-mail compatibility" issues the new 1.20 release series is rolling ... with support for html-mail, mailing lists and alias-forwarded e-mails ... -- maybe try using Delta as your e-mail app and let us know how it goes?

On the illusion of 'net-zero' technologies, how we got there and what is next.

'It should now be getting clear where the journey is heading. As the mirage of each magical technical solution disappears, another equally unworkable alternative pops up to take its place. The next is already on the horizon – and it’s even more ghastly. Once we realise net zero will not happen in time or even at all, geoengineering – the deliberate and large scale intervention in the Earth’s climate system – will probably be invoked as the solution to limit temperature increases.'


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