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Mercredi avait lieu une conférence de presse à Bobigny en soutien à Hélène Careil, enseignante Freinet mutée d'office. J'y suis intervenue en vidéo pour replacer cette sanction dans une vision plus générale des atteintes actuelles à l'école publique.
Si ça vous intéresse c'est là (normalement si j'ai bien compris la manip')

just finished a serialisation of behaviours: [{"class":"test" , "active"1, "after":0, "attr":0, "eval":0, "event":0, "jumpto":1, "param_bool":0, "repeat":1,,...
It's possible to copy/paste the object + generate + edit it manually, I think it's a cool feature, even if documentation is necessary...


@jacquesurbanska mastodon est bcp plus sensible à la présence réelle que les plateformes commerciales. En gros, si tu veux que ça marche mieux ici, viens causer et rencontrer les gens d'ici, y'en a plein de cool

@jacquesurbanska salut jacques, tu te connectes parfois à ton compte masto? Je ne vois aucune interaction...

The microblogging community has quickly turned to alternatives. Some took their chances in a centralized service called Twibe, which, after collecting substantial amount of personal data, was promptly hacked and vanished without a trace. The others, prompted by a fellow microblogger @zloygik, found refuge in the decentralized networks. On alone the user count grew by 242 new members in less than 2 weeks. The censorship-instigated migration brought also some prominent members of Russian blogging community, who, in turn, continued to spread the word about their new discovery and encouraged new migrations. The influx of Russian Twitter expatriants continues, and it brings new challenges to the administrator structure of the Russian constellation. The tools to balance the registration of new members accross Russian-speaking servers are being created and tested. The new users are being welcomed and introduced to the new, unfamiliar environment.


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I just discovered this show from the 80s called “the secret life of machines” and it’s absolutely marvelous. I highly recommend anyone here go watch it. The person who made it has now uploaded many of the old episodes and added a updated addendum at the end.

The integration of new objects in is quite tricky: there is no documentation of the editor classes and process (why & when "_node_removed" is called for example), so integration is a lot of trial & errors + searching in full text in sources. It's time consuming, but i start to have a better idea of how things works. Today i turned behaviours from spatial nodes to resources, and here is the result.

The geometric shape is created as an inflatable object. But the surface texture corresponds to porcelain.

A contradiction, but interesting.

#Blender #Cycles

? = test
?in: = collision test
?ev: = event trigger
<> = comparaison op.
&^ = bitwise op.
[1] = done once
_| = return after test
->3 = jump to id 3
&& = logical and
|| = logical or
@ = set value
at: = look at
to: = go to
cpl: = couple to
esc: = run away from

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i search a very compact pseudocode format, using cool math characters if possible

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Working on a naming convention to quickly read the logic of the behaviour. This behaviour describes a boid randomly linked to 1 of 2 targets, afraid of anything in group 11 & 12. If in neghborhoud of group 11&12, a timer is set to 5 seconds, boid accelerates and runs. When timer stops, the speed is reset to default (5)
If you have advices on pseudocode langages that would make this "better" or easier read, please comment!

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