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behaviour editor on its way!
@crickxson ce dont je te parlais l'autre jour: l'organisation de panneaux de contrôle, un gros kif :)

in module, i'd like to be able to define the way agents reacts. To do so, i defined a test/action chain (a behaviour)
the test editor is almost done, i think that previewing the actual code executed is useful for developers :)

:oh_no_bubble: i’ve only just learned about the asterism glyph! A small group of asterisks, used for minor breaks (so more or less decorative, a bit like the aldus leaf❦)

*** ↠ ⁂


is just marvellous: to develop the boid's behaviour, i have to design a new panel with a custom creation logic (using a tree is overkill). To preview and organise the , i just opened a new scene, built a mockup and place it above the editor. And voilà! Compared to QTdesigner and other UI tools, it fast and super simple to style.


Majority of the European Parliament welcomes the Commission's intention to oblige e-mail, messaging and chat providers to search all private messages for allegedly illegal material and report to the police (#chatcontrol) by 580:76:37.


Vous travaillez dans une entreprise qui développe des outils de surveillance ? Dans un ministère ou une collectivité qui prend des décisions sur l'utilisation de technologies de surveillance ? Lancez l'alerte !

a good-level nightmare in module: make several particle system interact together
lots to be done till the end of this month, but i'm happy that performances are not so bad


I’ve been posting short dev logs after each session while working on with - if you’re interested in how I work and how I work in luxe making a game...

Today I implemented all the buildings and upgrades in the current tech tree as a first pass.

See how the buildings work, how the tech tree looks and what luxury food means in space right here >>


someone on twitter is making awesome mockups of a BLAME! dungeon crawler

graphical ID proposal for UBVA, united belgian visual artists, a collective currently emerging in
any critic is welcome!
no website to point to yet...

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