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thinking about bands with captivating aesthetics, looking at pictures of forcefield always makes me happy

*2020: Flood-filling the Mu computer*

A year ago I had a prototype of a C-level programming language mapping 1:1 to Assembly that I _thought_ could be type-safe.

Since then, I:

* wrote an academic paper on it
* made it type-safe
* began a high-level language atop it
* got into video, with 15 2-minute screencasts
* and ran programs written in it on bare metal, without an OS, like, 5 years before I expected to.

❤️ to everyone who inspired, taught, debated, encouraged.

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If two pregnant women fight, it's kind of like two babies having a mecha battle.

Indigenous people from modern day Canada and Alaska invented the first sunglasses. The oldest pair known dates back to the year 1200. They work by limiting the amount of sunlight that hits your eyes, preventing snow blindness.

Что происходит, когда вы протираете глаза (взгляд изнутри)


J'en ai vu des diagrammes circulaires au cours de ma carrière mais celui-ci reste mon préféré.



The difference between WhatsApp and Signal (both end-to-end encrypted) in the new App Store privacy section is stark


VERS UNE VRAIE POLICE DE LA PENSÉE ! Souriez, vous êtes fichés

Depuis longtemps, police et gendarmerie disposent de fichiers sur les « populations dangereuses ». Mais, discrètement, Macron et Darmanin, avec trois nouveaux décrets, viennent d’étendre le contrôle aux « opinions politiques » ainsi qu’aux « convictions philosophiques et religieuses », et non plus seulement aux « activités ». Taha Bouhafs a rencontré Arthur Messaud, juriste (...)

"This boat-shaped particle is 30 micrometres long and can propel itself using a chemical reaction. Researchers 3D-printed the particle and coated it with metal. This catalyses a reaction in the hydrogen peroxide solution in which the particle sits, to produce gas that pushes it along."

What is #ecofascism: Blaming the collapse of the environment on the overpopulation while the issue is the 10% the richest.

Sooo, #twitter and #snapchat start to "federate"... and "the market" reacts positively.

Who would have thought? 😉

To me, this shows that the "smaller players" in the corpo-social-media landscape start realizing that to get a chance of survival and provide usefull features to their captive crowd, they're going to have to collaborate a little more.

Fediverse is the future. 😉

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