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Ah ah, i knew it! FFmpeg is using a _STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS flag to compile properly, proof:
I've search hours yesterday to debug the linker....

🦌 Fauna antiqua sivalensis, being the fossil zoology of the Sewalik Hills, in the north of India
London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1846.

Good challenge to get back in c++ shape: merging and , to allow virtually all the video codecs in the engine. A bit hardcore, but it forces me to get use to , a marvellous precompiler.

just reinstalled to work on godot engine: clean UI, scons support... what else? bye bye ...

@ice Following this playlist currently! Absolutely new to Godot, but have 10 years of Unity experience. Pretty damn awesome

So far this year Mozilla has: Discontinued Firefox Send and Notes, laid off employees, announced they're shifting focus away from their web browser, introduced Mozilla VPN (reskinned Mullvad with Mozilla telemetry), Firefox Monitor (all breaches sourced from haveibeenpwned), and introduced "Firefox Private Network" (a VPN that isn't Mozilla VPN, only works with Firefox Desktop, and uses Cloudflare).

I believe this is what you call a "lack of direction"

tumblr user admits they have never actually seen a black person

@frankiezafe Tiens tiens. Quelqu’un a finalement poussé l’idée de faire une simplification de l’API de Blender:

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