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For workaholic or antisocial employees (or both), or even a new concept for nexgen slavery

Governments all over Europe, including the Dutch, advise their own departments not to use for & reasons. Add cost & vendor-lock-in...

There's a viable alternative already widely deployed in Europe!

helpful social media tips I found on everyword's twitter analytics page

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next tab, connected on the birdsite, show me this popup: "You're in control"!
Their level of cynicism knows no bounds...

waw, looks great and is fast (running on a celeron...)
it's not the same idea, here the search is merging results from several engines instead of indexing locally...
the preference panel is impressive, with the ability to enable/disable sources, per research type and by user!

after a day of installation & configuration, i'm moving away from @yacy : really hard to make it run on an old computer: crawler are consuming a lot of CPU, even with super low settings, documentation is not very precise, and even with one user (me), response time is FAR from convincing... a bit sad, but now testing (, who can be run locally also and seem more recent
wait & see

vidéo Groland (humour français) critiquant le respect de la vie privée sur les réseau sociaux 

Due to the tireless work of treefit and the desktop team we finally have Delta Chat on Mac appstore, and Windows app store is there as well. Enjoy!
If you want to go multi-device please use export/transfer-file/import -- afterwards multi-device works already conveniently.

#fkfd comic teaser bc i don't have my laptop here chez mes grandmère et grandpère
#oc #comic made with #paper

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