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Due to the tireless work of treefit and the desktop team we finally have Delta Chat on Mac appstore, and Windows app store is there as well. Enjoy!
If you want to go multi-device please use export/transfer-file/import -- afterwards multi-device works already conveniently.

#fkfd comic teaser bc i don't have my laptop here chez mes grandmère et grandpère
#oc #comic made with #paper

anxious fish looking at its mesh
animation is achieved by moving the texture of the eyes (offseting the UVs in the shader), simple and efficient, even if not entirely accurate...


Canada's biggest banks join boycott of Facebook platforms

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada’s biggest lenders confirmed on Friday they had joined a widespread boycott of Facebook Inc begun by U.S. civil rights groups seeking to pressure the world’s largest social media platform to take concrete steps to block hate speech.

More than 400 brands have pulled advertising on Facebook in response to the “Stop Hate for Profit” campaign, (...)

Un des meilleurs film de sf français :
Pas facile à trouver, dark et poussièreux.

just discovered the spitted screen option (long press on square)

@OpenCulture it would be nice to provide a link to your mastodon account on your website...
you will find the svg here: :)
all the best!

cool overlay system to localise objects in + display info -> when you approach the object, a circle appears, when you are too close it fades out


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