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working on a "cleaning" effect for accumulative backgrounds, here: a random transparent black grid is superposed in each frame, creating a pattern in the image
.glub @polymorphcool

Mark Zuckerberg, c'est mon héros, il ne dit que des trucs bien. Notamment « le mensonge, c'est mal »


notes about compiling with support on linux :
it works but crashes too fast for showing something...

just finished refactoring for the latest version of (branch master) - the integration of custom file format as improved in the engine! it is even easier then before

ouf! t-diagrams, c compilers and assemblers... i miss a bit of training in computer science to fully get it :)

Le SUV, plaie pour l’environnement (extrait du Libé du jour)


Les problèmes des nouvelles technologies et des réseaux sociaux selon l'artiste polonais Paweł Kuczyński 😲

Son Instagram :


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