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nice UI design in the demo of, a tile creator tool (with export to unity3d AND ) - cool also to see third parties investing in godot!


first time i write file format specifications BEFORE implementing writers and readers: result is super sleek programming, all you have to do is follow the specs you wrote yourself :)

man bash | sed 's/./&\n/g' | awk -v mx=$COLUMNS -v my=$LINES 'BEGIN{x=y=e=f=1}{if(x==mx||!x){e*=-1};if(y==my||!y){f*=-1};x+=e;y+=f;printf "\033[%s;%sH%s",y,x,$1;for (a=0;a<400000;a++){}}' # Print the bash man page in diagonal lines across the screen.

just finished a better wrapper for : you can now register a callback function, called each time a new frame is available:
def frame_parsing( frame ):
ov = OpenfaceVideo()
ov.callback_frame( frame_parsing )
and it is done, no need of thread anymore

@Olm_e le repo n'a plus bouger depuis juillet 2017, un peu inquiétant...

@Olm_e le pull request est ici - AppVeyor a validé le code, pas Travis (les serveurs d'intégration) - par contre le chercheur avec qui je bosse a pu l installer sans problème sur linux -> "suffit" de lancer le et d'attendre 20/30min + le .so est vraiment indépendant: tu le peux le mettre où tu veux dans ton système

wow, first python module in C++ up and running: data of (face tracking) are now accessible in realtime, no need to save csv and process them
a special thanks to alex from ( @Ludi tu voudras bien lui dire? pas moyen de retrouver son pseudo :) )
++ @polymorphcool

latest dev on the avatar: after a hell of matrix stacks, global to local and local to global transformations, weighting translation and rotations and weighted averages, the model starts to move a bit less weirdly!


post-processing tests with : recording the 40 last frames into textures and mixing 2 3d scenes with effects (lines are showing the porcess flow)

@polymorphcool it is more bones targeting than IK, FK (forward kinematic) i think

working on an IK script in - first test +/- functional, still have issues with accumulation of transformations...


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