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why a precise normal management is important for performances & rendering: on the left, one normal per vertex, on the right, just by setting several egdes as "sharp" in , the flat faces looks flat :)
the two models have the same number of vertices

generation & management of normals in a mesh is really not a piece of cake: depending on smooth or flat edges, you need one normal for all faces, or several - it took me a while to have the code ready for this...

documentaire : se préparer au voyage sur mars, propulsion, micro-gravité, confinement, psychologie & physiologie

after several days of struggle with cache, binary files and godot resources management, it is now possible to import custom models from to , enabling (at last) all the features of the code:


i think has the best solution for slow servers: !
just so happy to use this protocol more often, for legal stuff!

La ville : lieu du vivre ensemble, de l'organisation sociale et de la production de normes, elle occupe une place souvent essentielle dans l'écriture des auteur.e.s de science-fiction. Un moyen de donner la "température" en matière de libertés et de lien aux autres.

Et aujourd'hui, où en sommes-nous ?

Nous vous proposons le décryptage de Félix Tréguer, membre de @LaQuadrature, sur les safe cities - ces villes du tout sécuritaire - et les moyens de leur résister ...

same data serialised in binary and in : 66.5kb vs 128kb (more then double!) + huge cost of encoding and decoding -> data in binary is ready to be loaded in memory, it must be converted from string to numbers in json... i understand now why group choosed binary for its format!

evening fun: trying to understand how to use mysql workbench... omg, it's a beast! running on a local mysql server (all this without , currently in routine maintenance: there is enough other sources online!)

It is extremely cool that even on the other side of the world of #SIGGRAPH2019, one can read "Path Tracing in Production" and "Path Guiding in Production" course notes just like that. ~200 pages of excellent material.

@Schizophrenicart did u know that atari sold the jaguar shell molds to a dental equipment company

it was a long time i didn't land on this kind of website: - pay a visit and you will realise how you are used to layout standards!

i'm struggling with mesh data formats in , anybody with a bit xp in this field here?
by the way, dev is going well: a set of additional objects allows efficient conversion of std mesh into "softskin"meshes + cache system (yellow box)
@polymorphcool "'still trying to find an instance that is not full of hateful and prejudice people." : you have to be careful to the community rules of your instance -> mastodon is a group of villages, and each one have a different way to deal with respect and political views. If you don't feel comfortable, just change! On, rules are very clear with racism, sexism & so on:
keep on seeking, you will find a sweet spot :)

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