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@pascalebarret cool de te revoir par ici! pas trop commercial, la citation?

"What I super enjoyed with Godot is that in less than 4 hours [...], I was able to create an abstract sea with the colors of the sun and the sky, as well as the horizon as I exactly wanted [...]." quote of ( - very happy to have a proof that godot's learning curve is one of the smoothest i encountered in 3d tools :)

colors created with an HCG picker are a bit more subtle, in my pov...
see it in action here (the color picker on the right is the standard one from godot):


Happy May 1! Grateful for the workers who pushed back over 100 years ago. Let’s continue their efforts ❤️🖤

We are so much more powerful together than we realize!

stumble upon HCG color system (hue/chroma/grey) that seems quite interesting to implement in a color picker!

once logic is ok, programming is so smooth! the functional version of the rotation picker for futari-app is ready here: - just instantiate in your scene and link to object via a tiny bit of gdscript :) @polymorphcool

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