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once logic is ok, programming is so smooth! the functional version of the rotation picker for futari-app is ready here: - just instantiate in your scene and link to object via a tiny bit of gdscript :) @polymorphcool

Pourquoi je boycotte Instagram (en plus du fait que par défaut les photos de tes gosses seront visibles par tous les pédophiles de la terre et que c’est un réseau social de gros branleurs qui ne connaissent rien à la photographie 😬) :

(merci @lecourrierduhacker pour le lien)

When child, boyscout, far from home, like 150km in the Ardennes, my father was walking to the railway and putting his feet on the rail to be #physically connected with the railway passing nearby it's house in Antwerp.
An old TED
Les câbles avalés par les GAF

Thank you @mozilla! @godotengine has been awarded $50,000 as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support #MOSS Mission Partners program!

We'll use these funds to port the Godot editor to the web, implement WebRTC and further networking features, and 3D demos!

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