Predestination (2014), a cool mindfuck movie even of it's a bit predictable and too slow to keep the level of "wow" at the maximum along the 1:30h.

it took me one week to figure it out, but i'm now able to animate an avatar n every direction with a set of baked animations using

Herd of Buffaloes destroying Lion! 

@JonathanMBR wow, it's really hardcore

@Matsol nope, if you have a way to do it with shaders or to generate geometry from an mage, it's relatively easy to do it in godot: the internal scripting language (gdscript) is similar to python. You can get pixels and generate vertices and faces from tehm

visualisation of the interpolation to be done in the animation shader i'm building: depending on the speed and the orientation of the motion compared to the forward vector of the avatar, different animations must be interpolated. The color represent ID's.
Maybe it's not super clear without motion...

@Matsol in, he uses depthmaps to generate floor and sky from a dense grid. You could use the same kind of technique, i've tried this in godot and it works great.

@Matsol it's tricky without pre-rendering everything... But you can generate valid geometries on the fly with godot, for sure! I don't have screenshots here, but in here for instance, the models are generated directly in the game engine.
The complex part in your project is to vectorise the contours of the walls (done with inkscape in my example). To morph from a map to another is another very interesting challenge.

@Matsol just to show you what it could be, i did a fast and dirty try out here:
Files prefixed with a 2 digits number show the process (png>svg>blend>godot).
It's not automated at all, but it could be without too much problem.
I hope you'll like it :)

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