Petite expérience :
J'ai développé un plugin de quelques lignes qui permet d'annoncer et soutenir la en surimpression d'un site.


génial! en partie parce que les recherches faites "intuitivement" par la population sont bien plus proche de la réalité que les médias
trouvé ici: kevinvuilleumier.net/2019/11/m

currently testing neural-style on MX linux (great distribution running on a USB stick)

@CaitlinWaddick i didn't pay attention to this "event" and went to buy a usb drive in a big shop sooner today: malls are overloaded, i guess it is a super profitable day for companies! impressive how population is eager to spend the few bucks they have...

@judeswae installation of the vive has been super easy on windows with a steam account, in my xp... have you figure out what was the issue?

wonderfull interactive model generation based on a 3D grid
there is plenty other cool tech demo on his website: oskarstalberg.tumblr.com (tumblr, i know...) & here twitter.com/OskSta (the bird site, in know also...)

also multisampled this industrial piezo percussions, various springs on metal frame, played with carpenter pencils, plugged into a blown up speaker, recorded with olympus LS.5


more samples :


@npisanti great library, thanks for sharing! and even more for putting this in CC0 :)

@crvs it has only been 4 days for me :)
i found it by scanning fediverse.network - remote following from mastodon does not seem to work, i guess it is only a question of time (i hope so)

Avoir un compte en #banque est en gros obligatoire pour un adulte en Belgique et on finance toutles continuellement ces institutions crapuleuses. Si on veut arrêter ça, il nous reste 8 jours. On finance un bon coup #NewB, puis on les dégage.

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