@liaizon if you're in belgium, i'll organise a short intro session somewhere near may, called VGA > polymorph.cool/2018/10/25/vide

@liaizon cool! the features i promote are not in the official release, if you need one, just tell me what OS you are working on & i'll send you a download link

@Olm_e @xuv @godotengine yep, OSX for now :) - The tiny little method i've proposed in this pull request (github.com/godotengine/godot/p) should allow texture sharing on other system - it took me a while (4 hours) to spot that the issue for viewport sharing was coming from the proxy stuff...

still several issues to fix, but first successful texture sharing with and
with the great visual of @mist_veil

@Olm_e @fredmonnoye hello fred, if you want to try a syphon enabled , just let me know, i'll send you the compiled version for osx!

@Olm_e that's the idea :) - it is so painful to work on osx to add feature i will never use after the projevt i'm working on right now - but, generally, i think it's good for godot to have the syphon addon: more users might use it due to this feature

@yhancik @xuv ok, je vais checker, mais d'abord je finis mon addon syphon (c'est un peu la galère, un moteur de jeu, c'est un tout petit peu plus complexe qu'OF :))

@xuv @yhancik j'ai tenté de faire tourner un httrack dessus, mais la page d'acceptation des conditions légales empêche l'aspirateur de fonctionner correctement... une idée?

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