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Les problèmes des nouvelles technologies et des réseaux sociaux selon l'artiste polonais Paweł Kuczyński 😲

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@alexsleepy do you ever saw GEM running on android & iOS? it is basic opengl, so it should not be too hard to compile, no?

@Olm_e yep, so you see my point: i was felling legit 5 years ago, but i'm not part of the "users core" anymore, not the kind the conference is for at least -> maybe an alternative bconf should be organised, less industry driven, what do you think?

@Olm_e not that i'm scared that BF is making profit, just that this kind of price range is making the conference unaccessible for poor people: if you add the travel and the staying, attending the bconf represents an investment of +/- 600€ - maybe you can afford it, but i can not...

is it me or blender is gradually moving away from FLOSS to become a commercial conference like many others? even speakers have to pay the entry fee... (!?)

@Olm_e les dépliages UV sont incroyables dans la 2.8! on dirait un soft spécialisé! je n'ai rien dû retoucher pour les géométries simples: les lignes droites sont horizontales ou verticales, le packing est optimisé, le stress est minimum, bref <3

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"Quand Greta montre la catastrophe, l'idiot regarde Greta" Dessin de Marc Dubuisson (@Unpied@twitter.com) pour mazette.media

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@joshavanier @neauoire i think this logic appeared during the 60's, when marketers realised that once everybody will have their washing machine & car, the industry will stop running and the money will stop flooding

@crickxson c'est plutôt une question théorique, non? >> la rue neuve, louise, les halls de gare (surtout au midi) par ex.

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