just finished a script to convert and animation into textures, playable in a -> the bird is flying by interpolating the textures on the right, called "key x ...", containing the vertices positions

demo is packed and ready for download: frankiezafe.itch.io/hotchpotch
you cn play with the parameters of the brush and change the material
is so great when it comes to diffusion!

omg, it's fast to prototype with !
just did a small test using curve3d and immediategeometry, and here is a metallic intestine :)

in : multithreading is running smoothly, reading speed is now correct, performance are ok (15% & 9% of 1 core), just have to make it work for all codecs and resolutions now...
repo: gitlab.com/polymorphcool/godot
branch: ofx
made at @polymorphcool

after discussions with licenses specialists and enthousiasts, it seemed that the best option to mix & is to apply to my module.. so here it is!
made at @polymorphcool

yeehah! decompression of video in with is working -> codec is fine, not so good for (last video tested)
no optimisation yet, no audio sync neither, i'll work on it this week

Good challenge to get back in c++ shape: merging and , to allow virtually all the video codecs in the engine. A bit hardcore, but it forces me to get use to , a marvellous precompiler. gitlab.com/polymorphcool/godot

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