does anyone ever succeed to make a rigid body and a cloth collide in ? glowing spheres have just "collision" enabled
the documentation online is quite poor about this topic

je n'ai pas regardé les premières secondes de la vidéo, et je me disais que keanu reeves avait vraiment exagéré sur le botox! Les matériaux sont au top, mais la mocap a encore pas de chemin à faire avant de devenir indistinguable su réel...

An article about natively building SDF fractal noise by iteratively blending spheres as opposed to traditional noise displacement. By Inigo Quilez.

evolution of the object editor for :
- the first level of the jogdial allows to select the parameter(s)
- the second level increase or decrease the parameters with custom limits for each parameter

basic configurable 3d button for :
- hover & pressed detection
- draggable or not
- compute drag distance in global space
- emit signals for major events

update on module for : you can use a "layer" system to group them with attractors, colliders and targets -> if not in the same group, boids do not floow each other, don't "see" colliders, etc.
in video, there are 3 groups: red, green & cyan
the big shaking dots are the barycenter of each group


a bit of tech p*rn to finish the day: code is getting more and more ready to perform intensive setup
scene #1: pushing everybody in a tube
**meaning of labels in top left corner**:
- frame per seconds
- time to solve the frame (CPU side)
- number of collisions to solve in current frame
- active boids count


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