just finished a script to convert and animation into textures, playable in a -> the bird is flying by interpolating the textures on the right, called "key x ...", containing the vertices positions

demo is packed and ready for download: frankiezafe.itch.io/hotchpotch
you cn play with the parameters of the brush and change the material
is so great when it comes to diffusion!

omg, it's fast to prototype with !
just did a small test using curve3d and immediategeometry, and here is a metallic intestine :)

Good challenge to get back in c++ shape: merging and , to allow virtually all the video codecs in the engine. A bit hardcore, but it forces me to get use to , a marvellous precompiler. gitlab.com/polymorphcool/godot

anxious fish looking at its mesh
animation is achieved by moving the texture of the eyes (offseting the UVs in the shader), simple and efficient, even if not entirely accurate...


cool overlay system to localise objects in + display info -> when you approach the object, a circle appears, when you are too close it fades out
video: peertube.mastodon.host/videos/


script running on a complex rig: locking on axis helps a lot to break fingers, but it's far from continuous: quite a lot of unexplicable jumps...

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