still several issues to fix, but first successful texture sharing with and
with the great visual of @mist_veil

first time i'm mixing particules and physics -> result is some kind of smoke balls exploding on the ground

compilation of godot on one of my least favorite OS: Mac OSX - it works perfectly, i had nothing to change to the main repo or to my code! i just love this engine!

set of icons for particles modifier in , strongly inspired by font face ( - quite happy of the look once integrated in the editor

latest evolution of the UI for demo: gradient editor with color picker, now behaving correctly

working on a gradient editor & color picker with themes + a good bucket of gdscript - the UI features of godot are simply good, even if i had several crashes when the editor reload textures...

working on a stand alone demo of addon for : compilation templates are not frighting me too much :)
The UI system is still super good, really precise and easy to tune, a dream for designers

impossible to find & therefore add a specific account form merveilles to a list here: tried with full name, pseudo, nothing seems to work... what am i doing wrong?

@xuv : it works with yours, is it in the account preferences?

control over vortex influence along height (Y axis) via gradient texture (other are coming very soon!)

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