nload: cool network activity visualisation tool
$ sudo apt install nload && nload, so simple

it seems that the best way to push a ball with is to enclose it in several box colliders...

soon: a 3d version of abalone (the board game) with physics: no rules implemented, only the physical reaction of balls on the board - my first (nearly) game :)

génial! en partie parce que les recherches faites "intuitivement" par la population sont bien plus proche de la réalité que les médias
trouvé ici:

currently testing neural-style on MX linux (great distribution running on a USB stick)

wonderfull interactive model generation based on a 3D grid
there is plenty other cool tech demo on his website: (tumblr, i know...) & here (the bird site, in know also...)

triangle <> triangle intersection computation, using only vectors: works in all situations and returns intersection points in clockwise order (quite practical to triangulate the polygon)

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