génial! en partie parce que les recherches faites "intuitivement" par la population sont bien plus proche de la réalité que les médias
trouvé ici: kevinvuilleumier.net/2019/11/m

currently testing neural-style on MX linux (great distribution running on a USB stick)

wonderfull interactive model generation based on a 3D grid
there is plenty other cool tech demo on his website: oskarstalberg.tumblr.com (tumblr, i know...) & here twitter.com/OskSta (the bird site, in know also...)

triangle <> triangle intersection computation, using only vectors: works in all situations and returns intersection points in clockwise order (quite practical to triangulate the polygon)

very nice piece of software: Instant Meshes, an automated tool based on quad orientation, visualised as strokes all over the mesh. By editing them, you can efficiently controls the flow of geometry of the surface.
And it is released under BSD license. Tested and approved. A big <3

material applied on blendswap scan, a bit of scultping, a bit of uv unwrapping, and... done

tuning of the "sheen" parameters of the material > no more "wet" effect

woaw! 30 minutes, a free texture from textures.com and blam: cool rock material with displacement modifier!

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