just finish a super practical feature of the particles addon: layers! now particles can avoid several modifiers, not only based on their kind

une (très) brève histoire de la mire à la télévision française: vivelapub.fr/retrospective-la-
et un lien vers la plus fameuse d'entre toutes: la philips PM5544 :en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philips_

running godot @ 2000fps!!! (usually fixed to 60fps) from command line ./godot.x11.tools.64 --fixed-fps 5 [path to]project.godot
super weird but & at the same time super cool!!!!

first time i'm porting a shader from (seascape from Alexander Alekseev) to : super easy, but also super inaccurate! the rendering is done on my mesh :D

heeeuuu, is it me or korea blocks github???? or maybe it's github who do not serve in korea????


for those who would like to understand a bit more how to compute your rotation matrices manually, there is a small project here, with a vertex shader &

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