omg, it's fast to prototype with !
just did a small test using curve3d and immediategeometry, and here is a metallic intestine :)

stress test with 6 videos (4xfullhd and 2x small resolution): it seems that the time consumed to update textures is a serious bottle neck... fps is also influenced by the screen recording

in : multithreading is running smoothly, reading speed is now correct, performance are ok (15% & 9% of 1 core), just have to make it work for all codecs and resolutions now...
branch: ofx
made at @polymorphcool

yeehah! decompression of video in with is working -> codec is fine, not so good for (last video tested)
no optimisation yet, no audio sync neither, i'll work on it this week

just spend 1 hour to make a looks like an desktop
i hope it will ease the transition of a friend... let see tomorrow :)

Ah ah, i knew it! FFmpeg is using a _STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS flag to compile properly, proof:
I've search hours yesterday to debug the linker....

just reinstalled to work on godot engine: clean UI, scons support... what else? bye bye ...

My bike on the platform in basel (ch), back from a 800km trip. Not yet there for autonomous computing though...

For workaholic or antisocial employees (or both), or even a new concept for nexgen slavery

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