just finished a basic prototype to receive data into : it's mainly about decompressing packet :)
fyi: pavo lidar are the least expensive sensors available on the market

While working on a presentation, i stumbled on an interesting facts: it seems there is a limit in the number of iframe stack: 4!
Anybody has a clue on how to get rid of this limitation (even if it implies to recompile firefox).
If you want to try: lacambre3d2021.polymorph.cool/, select a project, "* all files" and click on "parent directory" until you reach the webroot.

je sais que c'est plus subtil que ça, mais l'image représente bien ma sensation quant aux SUV/4x4/pickup que je croise en vélo

I am very proud of the care I have taken with my account at !

for all misfortuned users, here is where to find your (not explained in forum, why would they?)

little mathematic puzzle: how to compute panning and tiling angle of a camera automatically, knowing the field of view of a game engine camera can be locked vertically or horizontally?
you spend some hours on it, you learn about Hor+ and Vert- and you finally see the light :)

" Copilot is an AI trained on billions of lines of code written by millions of developers all over the world that can predict what developers want to type next"

"will it tile?" serie
i think that process is not yet good enough: alignment of shapes for instance is only considering the 2 edges around the current one, not the overall shape...

automated tiling of irregular hexagons, using different sorting of clones: aligned first, perpendicular first and smallest rotation
now i will generalise the process to repeat it on clones, and i'll be able to cover the plane :)

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