My bike on the platform in basel (ch), back from a 800km trip. Not yet there for autonomous computing though...

For workaholic or antisocial employees (or both), or even a new concept for nexgen slavery

next tab, connected on the birdsite, show me this popup: "You're in control"!
Their level of cynicism knows no bounds...

waw, looks great and is fast (running on a celeron...)
it's not the same idea, here the search is merging results from several engines instead of indexing locally...
the preference panel is impressive, with the ability to enable/disable sources, per research type and by user!

anxious fish looking at its mesh
animation is achieved by moving the texture of the eyes (offseting the UVs in the shader), simple and efficient, even if not entirely accurate...


Un des meilleurs film de sf français :
Pas facile à trouver, dark et poussièreux.

just discovered the spitted screen option (long press on square)

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