superbe panneau promotionnel vu sur le boulevard anspach: simple, clair, et la photo rappelle certainement qqle chose à tout le monde

just finished a demo of boids with all major modifiers showcased: sources, targets & ... colliders!!! it's not yet the level of performance i'm aiming at, but the drop in fps is due to shadow processing, not to my code (ouf!)


eventually! i have a decent algorithm to register a box in a grid: starting at the first point, a serie of positions are generated in the box depending on the size of the box and size of cells
No more 3d collisions, just a simple value to adjust (subdivision) to increase the quality (and increase the cpu load...) - this step is finished! yiipiiieeeee

OMG! the new version of will rock! We have tested this example today at ( V4, the master branch of godot repository, is sure not ready for production, but the evolution of the render quality is already mesmerizing.
(there are jpeg compression glitches, see hd here:

fast box registration in a grid: it is far from perfect, but same code can also be used for collision, more precise than grid registration
it's great to be able to prototype algorithm in gdscript > you work on code while it's running: i've made a livecoding perf for myself all day :)
music: Anima Exhalare by Eths


thanks to a smart nesting of objects, sources can compute the closest targets for each boid and send it to it


Space sweepers (2021) : cool korean sf movie, different from usual us production, refreshing. I just loved it.

it's now possible to set "source" of , +choose the shape and the initial orientation of the boids
in the right panel, you can see the params available
next step is to add "target" objects, where the boids will aim to.


wonderfull little video of interactive physical ropes by Daniel Piker (on the birdsite)
Sadly, it's a / plugin, so no chance for me to run it...

playing with the border "wind" to repel the boids at the frontiers of their domain

boids auto-organisation: done!
i guess these pattern is due to the implementation of collisions between boids... quite strange to see this happening in front of your eyes!

starting my first month with as default search engine: my node is running on an old laptop next to me, i will have to change a lot my habits, but i think it's important to decentralise web indexation

youuhouuuu, animation baking into textures is going well: now i can pack a set of keyframes into one texture and play it back with a shader. you can see the texture containing the animation in front of each avatar.
next step: link this with particles!

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