@esi GPL license and great devs => best software ever :)

@frankiezafe yeah, cool to see that team having made it despite the circumstances : in 2016 at the BCon in a meeting Ton explained he was not confident in those upbge young and restless coders going too fast, and talked about a optimised down version called "interactive blender" ... 6y later, still no "interactive blender" in sight but upbge 0.3 with eevee as rendering engine ;) 🎩

(I should test and see how it works actually ;p) @xuv

@frankiezafe ok so at first sight it's "eevee with logic/python" so can be very cool ... but also looks like some weird universe to explore in terms of optimisation/rendering (not at all like godot) ... f.ex. you get your node material well done but volumetrics are rendered the same way as in eevee, so you get diverse results when your scene is moving or not (build up of the mist when fix) ...
still this looks great to explore with good old logic brick reflexes ;p


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