Working on a naming convention to quickly read the logic of the behaviour. This behaviour describes a boid randomly linked to 1 of 2 targets, afraid of anything in group 11 & 12. If in neghborhoud of group 11&12, a timer is set to 5 seconds, boid accelerates and runs. When timer stops, the speed is reset to default (5)
If you have advices on pseudocode langages that would make this "better" or easier read, please comment!


? = test
?in: = collision test
?ev: = event trigger
<> = comparaison op.
&^ = bitwise op.
[1] = done once
_| = return after test
->3 = jump to id 3
&& = logical and
|| = logical or
@ = set value
at: = look at
to: = go to
cpl: = couple to
esc: = run away from

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