@pixouls thanks, i'm adjusting the algo (lot of stuff to check to avoid duplicated strokes), there should be something functional soon

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool is that for a godot game? Or is that using Godot to make the software that you’re making fonts with.

@SkinnyFeels @polymorphcool it's more a conception tool, but it's built with godot. I deactivated the render loop and just refresh the viewport when its needed > less stress on cpu :)

@SkinnyFeels but i just realised it could easily be turned into a puzzle game :) if you are interested...

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool good call. I love it when I see people making non game things out of godot. There’s somebody in bird land who is making a kanban with it.

@SkinnyFeels do you have a link to the project? Another project i made with godot: polymorphcool.itch.io/seeds. It's a revamp of the seeds zine

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