Information request: wich browser are you using on lineage os? I've tried thr default one, fennec f-droid & kiwi, all of them are crashing "randomly". I'm running it on a 2016 low profile hardware.

@frankiezafe Might not be the browser then. Could be something else more core to the system?

@xuv ok, an idea of where i could find logs about crashes?

@xuv ah yes, i can monitor sn app with dev tools also. I had the same issue 5 min ago with another app. Seems the os is not dealing well with intensive multitasking...

@frankiezafe Maybe try lighter browsers like smartcookie or vía browser?

@joeligj12 @xuv indeed, after a quick try, smartcookieweb is working well and handles crashes or memory overload better : only the current tab is crashing, not the whole app

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