is it me or blender is gradually moving away from FLOSS to become a commercial conference like many others? even speakers have to pay the entry fee... (!?)

@frankiezafe it's the case for some times afaik ... and I understand this entry fee as a way to pay for the costs of the whole event shared between the participants, understanding that even the speakers have something to gain to come and present. So on the contrary, I see it as a community event by it's shared costs and avoiding the need for big sponsors (although they have some).
(and I doubt the BF make profit from this)

@Olm_e not that i'm scared that BF is making profit, just that this kind of price range is making the conference unaccessible for poor people: if you add the travel and the staying, attending the bconf represents an investment of +/- 600€ - maybe you can afford it, but i can not...

@frankiezafe hmmm ... actually no, I cannot afford it either : I did made an effort when I had a talk 2 yao but just to attend, it's actually too high for me too.
but from bxl, if you have a talk to present, you can take a round trip the same day (I did it once to sneak in when friends/collegues where also present ;p )

@Olm_e yep, so you see my point: i was felling legit 5 years ago, but i'm not part of the "users core" anymore, not the kind the conference is for at least -> maybe an alternative bconf should be organised, less industry driven, what do you think?

@frankiezafe yep, I think the point could be raised at some point, that the entry fee could be differentiated upon the profile of the attendees... and have reductions for academics, freelance, students, indie studio, etc and probably some corporate package to compensate ...

indeed these 2 last years have seen the landscape changing with the recognition of the tool by "the industry" ... and we the "odds" are put aside :/

but an alternative blender conf without Ton would be hard to setup imho

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