@frankiezafe no, 2.79. I haven't made any artwork with 2.80 yet, only technical work stuff.

@ChameleonScales i've tried it once or twice, but the UI is so messed up that i got angry and gave up :)

@ChameleonScales the 2.8, i'm so used to the location of buttons that having to seek a tutorial for a lot of them + i'm afraid that bpy 2.8 is not compatible with my scripts ( i'm mainly using python in blender )

@frankiezafe oh yeah the api got just as revamped as the rest.
Do as you want but if you plan to use Blender for a long time, you're gonna hit more and more walls if you keep using 2.79.

@ChameleonScales i guess i'll have to refactor a lot of old scripts, wich i totally forget about :)

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