#help #commandline #linux
I need some help on how to scrape/download a more complex html Manual --> the Manual of #Ardour ; a great audio editing Floss project.
Someone I work with has an offline computer for editing.

-- wkhtmltopdf for example does not want to work.
-- Neither does html2ps

Thanks for boosting - even better, replying !

@wendy Ask @frankiezafe I can't remember what he is using exactly, but he does that a lot.

@xuv @wendy the best of the best is httrack (httrack.com/) - if you are at hacktiris, just pass by :)

@frankiezafe @xuv
Meh, j'ai que la premiere page - ca sera pour un peu plus tard - merci! drole de logiciel tres windows annee 90 look ;-)


@wendy @xuv il faut que tu règles la "profondeur" de la recherche (combien de niveau d'arborescence tu l'autorise à visiter + si tu acceptes qu'il prenne les liens externes)

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