@frankiezafe @polymorphcool
Whoooooow !
Realy nice looking, GG guy ! Is it used for the opera show ?

@wargreen @polymorphcool yep :) - it will be hard to turn this into a gdnative... still a bit of work and i'll propose this to the godot crew...

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool
Arf, Gd-stuffs... Sincerly, i havec a little bit abandoned Godot for now and i will try to work with kivy, kivent and pyo. I have more knowlege into Python than 3D engines and GDscript !

Have you tried the python binding for GDscript ?

@wargreen @polymorphcool thanks for the names of python libs, they are super sexy! - for python in godot, nope, i didn't tried, as i'm doing c++ mainly, and gdscript is just enough to configure the behaviours - i like python a lot & i really like gdscript too => simple and super good integration in the engine (doc, warning & errors, etc.) - but i get your point, if you don't need a complete 3d engine, then godot is too much

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool
In reality, godot should be the perfect tool but as you know, the jack output. So i will try the python way, and see what ca be the simplier to understand and use !

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool
Also, my programming logic and understanding is very low... so it's always a big step to leard a new env and language !

@wargreen @polymorphcool cool that you test it :) - in my xp, it takes some time to accept/adopt a new tool, its language and way to organise the workflow - as long i don't really need it, i keep the ones i know, so i get your point of view

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