@frankiezafe OSX only, right? Because Syphon is OSX only or for some other reason? @godotengine

@xuv syphon is a hack in the OSX stack that perdure probably because it's too usefull ... but yes, it does not exist as is in other systems,
in window$ you have to go through directx memory, in linux there is this shm shared memory trick ... nothing that is crossplatform nowadays... (wondering if we cannot find something in vulkan at some point though)
@frankiezafe @godotengine

@Olm_e @xuv @godotengine yep, OSX for now :) - The tiny little method i've proposed in this pull request (github.com/godotengine/godot/p) should allow texture sharing on other system - it took me a while (4 hours) to spot that the issue for viewport sharing was coming from the proxy stuff...

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