@frankiezafe ha yes I've seen it in the past, but realise now it's actually better than v4l2loopback, as it's really about sharing memory ...
remember myself of a peculiar bug I had in 2010 with blender game engine and pure-data gem loading the same obj model and suddenly sharing the same video texture I had playing (in blender) ... ;)
(didn"t last long, could't reproduce, :' () ) ...

so you'll get this in godot right ? X)

@Olm_e that's the idea :) - it is so painful to work on osx to add feature i will never use after the projevt i'm working on right now - but, generally, i think it's good for godot to have the syphon addon: more users might use it due to this feature

@Olm_e @fredmonnoye hello fred, if you want to try a syphon enabled , just let me know, i'll send you the compiled version for osx!

Thanks ! Merci !
I will have a look and play with it as soon as I start that specific project, thank you very much!

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