latest evolution of the UI for demo: gradient editor with color picker, now behaving correctly

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool It looks like you are breaking the Godot UI pattern. I've never seen an interface like this in Godot. But I'm not a heavy user of the software. Is this a new pattern?

@judeswae @polymorphcool it's a blend of custom buttons and "heavy" flat styling with godot themes - the color picker is just tuned for instance, the gradient bar and handles on it are custom (gdscript) - i will pause the project for several weeks, but the idea is to release this on asap

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool Why did you do custom buttons? There was nothing available in Gogot UI widgets?

@judeswae @polymorphcool not sure why, just that i already have a quite complex structure and handles on the gradient are smaller than the hitbox, so it was faster to go this way, i guess... the rest of the ui is done with std godot widgets - just to give u an idea, here is the workbench (gradient is the thin white line on the right and correspond to g_ui_tmpl in the tree)

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool Well, that's why I'm asking. I understand that for a question of speed, you went this way. And that's fine for a first release. But in order to not confuse users, ideally, it would be better to stay within the UI patterns set by Godot. If every dev makes their own UI for their plugin, it will soon be unmanageable. Also, if the user can change the general UI setings in Godot to adapt to their use, how will your plugin behave in those cases? Will it follow the changes?

@judeswae @polymorphcool the whole ui is controlled by a theme, so changing it will affect all element apart from the tiny handles highlighted in the second picture - i thought it wasn't so bad after all...

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool From a UX point of view, it's really bad. :) It's unreadable. It breaks the pattern. It does not consider my personal preferences as a user of Godot. I sets a bad example for other developers. There are probably other accessibility issues... but that might be a larger problem in Godot.

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool If you were designing a game, then you can make all the UI choices that you want. But you are designing an addon for an application with a well defined UI pattern. Those are 2 different things. I really like your font and UI for this. It looks awesome... for a game. It does not look good for an addon for Godot. See the difference?

@judeswae @polymorphcool yep, clear and fully aggree: this is not part of the addon, it's another repo, separated from the c++ classes ( c++: / this one: )

@frankiezafe @polymorphcool Ok, my bad. I misunderstood. I thought Futari was the addon. I'm a bit confused. :)

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